Consumers use reviews to check a product or service before buying them. Accordingly, we have begun a series of reviews of essay writing service companies online to discover the best essay service service.

In this article, we present a review of We are looking at the most important factors relevant to students and business clients. We did this by going to the website, checking out the features, and consolidating user reviews.

We have taken into account the testimonials provided on the site, and elsewhere on the Internet. We have also ordered a research paper for evaluation.

Services offered

MyPapperWriter offers all types of academic writing suitable for secondary, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. This includes personal statements and admissions essays, dissertations and theses. They also offer business services such as proposals, memos, business plans, reports, and white papers. The service will also do editing and proofreading assignments.


The website requires the user to sign up for a free account, which can be off-putting for some people that only want to check out the service.

Once you sign up, you can access a list of their services and prices. However, there are no sample papers to preview, and the website does not make any declarations about the skills and qualifications of their writers, except that they are native English speakers from the UK and US.


It would seem that MyPapperWriter may appear to pose a security risk to users, according to our security software. We chose to continue on to the site, but it may give consumers pause if their antivirus software issues them a security warning as ours did. Whether the site poses a real threat has not been determined.


Payments are made thru PayPal and major credit cards via a secure online payment gateway. Prices start from $17.95 a page, and we were told we could get a discount for large orders. The price includes the standard free title, reference page, TOC and outline.

Quality of work

MyPaperWriter does hold to delivering all the services advertised on their site, and delivers within the prescribed period from our experience. The paper we received needed some revisions but the final product was of acceptable quality.

However, some customer reviews offsite appear to contradict this. Moreover, there has been some negative feedback on the quality of the content itself, with users claiming that research was sub-par and the grammar and sentence structure poor.

Customer service

We were able to engage with their customer service representative for an inquiry over the phone, and the person who answered was accommodating. However, later attempts to contact the service resulted in an automated voice response. We tried the chat feature, but it was disabled, probably because it was after their service hours.


We can safely say that is a legitimate essay writing service, and not a fraudulent site. However, there are some issues regarding the quality of the work, after sales service, and website security. Deliverables are timely, but we cannot qualify it as the best essay service available.

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