Good writing is hard to find, and this is despite the hundreds, if not thousands, of online essay service companies available. A search of essay services produces more than 200 million results on Google, which can be overwhelming for most users.

We undertook the job of providing our readers with an easy way out by compiling a series of reviews for some of these companies based on user reviews as well as our own assessment. This review is for PaperStock, and we will break it down to the most important aspects from a user’s point of view.

Services offered

Like many other services of this type, Papersstock offers a wide array of writing services for all academic levels. According to their website, this includes (copied verbatim):

  • Admission Help
  • Case Studies
  • Dissertations
  • Lab Reports
  • Research Papers
  • Editing
  • Book Reports
  • Courseworks
  • Ghostwriting
  • Personal Statement
  • Book Review
  • Custom Essays
  • Proofreading
  • Thesis
  • Website content

Immediately you will see a bit of a problem with inconsistencies and outright errors in these categories. However, it is not a definite indication that the work they produce will be as unprofessional, but it is a worrying sign nevertheless. It has a referral service where you can earn $150 credit for every referral that spends $500, which is quite a clever marketing strategy.


The website is actually quite attractive. It is very simple, almost stark, and definitely easy to use.

You can quickly check how much you might pay for a writing project before you even have to go through the site. You don’t need to register to browse, but you do need to sign up for their free inquiry service. Go down a bit and you will see some site statistics. According to the website, they have delivered in excess of 4,700 orders to date.


It seems that most writing services do not bother to secure their website, and Paperstock is no different. There is no SSL certification, no Verisign or other security trustmarks to guide the casual browser.

The website is a little over two years old, and it is based in the US. However, the owner of the website comes from Namibia, and the registered email addresses are free ones. This does not necessarily mean the website might expose you to security risks, but it should give you pause.


The shortest turnaround time (TAT) is nine hours, and the most affordable order is 14 days. A college-level essay is estimated at $13 a page, and goes up from there, depending on the academic level, type of project, and the TAT. An admissions essay, for example, will cost you $127 with a 9-hour TAT.

Quality of work

What is noticeable about this service is the paucity of user reviews and testimonials. There are none at all on the site, and only a few online. This is unusual for a service that claims having processed more than 4,000 projects.

However, the few reviews available rate the quality of the papers they received positively. There are no claims for excellent papers, but they were delivered on time, free of plagiarism, and garnered a consistent 60/100 rating from school assessments.

Customer service

The website has a button for customer support, which is supposed to be manned around the clock. However, clicking on the icon bring you nowhere, which indicates that the customer service aspect of the company is not a priority. In fact, the lack of reviews may be attributed to laziness on the part of the company owner for not soliciting reviews from their clients.


Paperstock is a relatively young service, and it has issues with its website security and customer service. However, those that have used the service appear to be satisfied with the work, which is the important thing to consider. Whether it may be considered on the best essay writing service list is still up in the air.

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