It is getting more and more difficult for consumers to get honest reviews, which is why we took it upon ourselves to provide you with objective reviews of online essay service companies.

This review series takes an in-depth look at many of the more popular and purportedly best essay services online to give you the true picture. This review is for We checked user reviews in various websites, and testimonials from the site itself. We took the extra step of actually ordering a paper from the service to see for ourselves if it deserves the classification of best essay writing service as many reviewers claim.

Services offered

PerfectWriter is primarily an academic writing website. They specialize in essay writing for all student levels, but also offer to do term papers, movie reviews, lab reports, dissertations, presentations, course work, CVs, and videos.

The subject matter is all-encompassing, but the turnaround time ranges from 5 days to 30 days, so if you need a paper tomorrow, you may be out of luck. They also provide you with the option to format your paper for uploading to a specific service, such as WordPress.


Browsing the website is easy, and so is navigation. At first glance, it appears to be well-structured, but after a while you will notice some errors in spelling, grammar, and format.

Ordering is straightforward; you only have to make your selections as required. However, we encountered a couple of service errors in processing a one-page order, which meant we had to input the information again, which is annoying.

You need to provide quite a bit of personal information (including institute and phone number) to register for an account, when an email and name should have been all that was necessary.


There were no red flags raised in accessing the site. However, note that this is not an SSL certified or otherwise secure connection, which is a legitimate concern for any user. The site does not display any type of security seal marks.


PerfectWriter accepts PayPal, credit cards, Western Union, bank transfer, and Moneygram as payment. You get a 20% discount for the first order, which we confirmed, and at the time of this writing, you can avail of as much as a 50% discount on all papers, which we did not.

Prices start at £26 a page (255 words) for a standard essay at 30-day turnaround, which is rather a little more than a typical student can afford even at half off. You will have to pay extra for preferred language (all English but in various forms i.e. ESL) and plagiarism report.

Quality of work

Delivery was ahead of schedule, which based on reviews seems to be a consistent feature of the service. However, despite the many glowing testimonies online, we assessed the quality of the paper itself as substandard.

There were many grammatical and spelling errors, and in one instance, the cited reference was not relevant to the identified content . It was plagiarism free, however, which is an important point.

Customer service

The site provides three methods for accessing customer support: Skype chat, Skype call, and live chat. It further claims 24 hours support availability. However, we have not been able to get a response to our Skype calls or messages, and the live chat appears to be inaccessible at any time.


PerfectWriters is not a fraud or scam, as we can attest to from our test order. However, the quality of the paper was disappointing, and the lack of customer support access was problematic. We expected better things, based on the reviews we obtained from various sources. We contend that the best essay writing services are to be found elsewhere.

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