Review offers different services that cater to students seeking advice or help with their academic writing. Whether it’s homework or an essay, you can place an order, and their staff will locate a writer to work on your assignment. Once the essay is done, it gets delivered via e-mail.

Service Offered

When it comes to the services they offer, you can buy custom essays, research papers, term papers or dissertation papers. They mostly focus on essay writing and nothing other than academic assignments. If you’re somehow dissatisfied with their service, you can contact their customer service, via e-mail or phone, no matter where you are located in the world and ask them a question or file a complaint. Overall, the services offered fall in the average category of what is commonly provided through essay services online.


Students usually click on the price sheet first to see what they are dealing with. Prices are important, because as a student you usually look for the most affordable service. When it comes to, the total price of your order will depend on several factors, which includes number of pages, spacing (whether it’s single-spaced or double-spaced), deadline, academic level and type of assignment. The quickest time when you can get your assignment is within 24 hours, and the lowest price for such a deadline is $30. They also claim to do business writing and proofreading at a certain price.

Special Promotions

They offer both life-time and one-time discounts. If you are a first-time customer you can get a discount on your first order. If you continue to use their service and you’re satisfied you’re going to have the benefit of getting a life-time discount. Also, if you place a big order of several assignments that are long or complex, and it adds up to a certain sum, you get a special offer on that order. allows you to browse through their websites, look and preview their services, check out the prices, read the FAQ section or if you don’t have time, talk to a customer service representative if you’re having any doubts.

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