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Homework-Desk company was started with the goal of helping students all over the world complete their homework assignments by putting them in touch with qualified experts.

Homework-desk.com has a team of experts that can help middle school, high school and even college level students with their essay services and other academic services. They offer their work in two different English styles (American and British) but at present does not offer any other languages which may be tricky for individuals who are contacting this company from non-English speaking countries.

Homework-desk offers services other than essay writing and is able to deal with programming, accounting, scientific and mathematics for students who need help in these areas as well.

Services Offered

The title of this website, HomeWork-desk really gives you a good idea of what they offer: help with homework in a variety of different subjects. They can produce scientific reports, help individuals complete their coursework in a number of different areas, work on programming issues or even produce PowerPoint presentations in addition to essay writing services.

Additionally, this essay writing services offer users several unique and important options. The first is to decide what level of expertise is required. The company offers individuals who have degrees ranging from an MA to a PhD in a specific field. They also offer customer support that is easy to contact and have an easy to use the contact form that allows a user to be very precise about the work that they need to be completed.


The prices on the HomeWork-desk.com website vary depending on a few factors. For example, there are different pricing schemes based on whether someone needs writing work or help with mathematical questions or programming questions.

If someone is having essay writing services performed by our company they will need to choose from one of the following three levels:

  • Standard- this is completed by someone holding an MA in a specific sphere. It is recommended for individuals who may be in middle school. Work at this level starts at $16.99
  • Advanced- work at this level is completed by someone who has a PhD. This level of expertise is recommended for individuals who may be in high school. Work at this level starts at $20.99
  • Premium- this level involves the work of top experts that are employed by Homework-Desk.com and is recommended for students who are at the college level. Work at this level starts at $24.95

In addition, individuals can enter a specific writer’s number and have work repeatedly performed by the same specialist. There is an additional fee for this feature, however. It will cost an additional 20% of the total cost of your order. If you are having Homework-Desk.com work on mathematics questions instead of essay writing services, it will cost $16.99 per math problem.

Additional fees include having your project completed by one of the top specialists at a given level. This adds $9.00 to your order. VIP service allows for more support from the company and will add $9.99 to your order. Proofreading will cost a student $6.75 as well.

Discounts and Special Offers

There are very few discounts or special offers available from this website. Users who would like to have their work proofread as well as employ VIP services can enjoy a 40% discount on the cost of those two options although there are no other discounts available.

Customer Support

Homework-desk offers excellent customer support that is easy to get a hold of and who is able to answer any questions for a user of their website. There is also a chat function on the website itself which can help a user answer any questions that they may have.

This website is easy to use and clear as far as pricing goes. They have payment options that are easy to use and are much less expensive than many of the other homework companies on the market today.

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