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Payforessay net Review

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To find this company on the web just type in google search: payforessay,, payforessay net
2. Country: US, CA, AU, UK
3. You  can get:

    • Essays (Any type and subject)
    • Article (Any Type)
    • Assignment
    • Coursework
    • Dissertation
    • Research Paper
    • Term Paper
    • Thesis

4. Basic price (per page):  $13.60

payforessay prices

5. Discounts: No

6. Money Back: No

7. Free Samples: provides free essay samples.

8. Secure connection: yes

9. Payforessay net Reviews and online reputation

I paid for an eight page  essay on a life history report. The person doing the essay does not read the pdf files and does the whole report wrong. After I want a revision and ask for a different writer they give me the same crappy writer. After I complain the second time they just blow me off. This is not the first time I use this site. They lie on their policy and try to give you the go around. You have been warn by me not to use this site. This site is not base in the U.S and probably have some 4th grade Indian doing your report. Scott L.

I requested a graduate level research essay due to having multiple jobs to pay for school and put food on the table. Instead I ended up paying $250 for an essay that was not even high school level. To add insult to injury there was NO RESEARCH DONE after I specifically noted the books needed to be used. To insult me even further, after I asked for a review, the writer decided that he was simply going TO INSERT RANDOM PAGES THAT DID NOT EXIST IN THE BOOKS. JUST A FEW HOURS BEFORE MY PAPER WAS DUE I HAD TO LEAVE WORK EARLY TO START MY PAPER FROM SCRATCH!!!! AND BY THE WAY, THEY DO NOT GIVE FULL REFUNDS LIKE IT SAYS ON THEIR WEBSITE under CORE VALUES, ” Dissatisfied customers get Full Refund and Unlimited Revision.” Joslyn M.

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