Important Update: As of 26 September, 2018, is no longer offering services of any type. New orders are no longer being accepted.

Prescott Papers -Details

1. Name:
Here is how you can find the company in search: prescottpapers, prescott papers,
2. Country: United States
3. You  can order:

  • Research Papers
  • Dissertation
  • Business Writing
  • Essays
  • PowerPoints
  • Thesis
  • Editing and Revision
  • Speech Writing
  • Outlining and Planning
  • Computer Science and Programming
  • Data Analysis and Mathematics
  • Worksheet Assistance

4. Basic price (per page): 

  • High School – from $39.50
  • Undergraduate – from $49.50
  • Graduate – from $56.50
  • PhD – from $66.50
  • Business – from $58.50

5. Discounts: no

6. Money Back: no

7. Free Samples: yes

8. Secure connection: yes

9. Clients Reviews


Tried to cheat me of $300. They quoted me for a paper I already have an outline and annotated bibliography for for $522. This quote was after they were late on my previous assignment which I lost points on and they said they’d give me a discount but they try to charge me $522?? Lolol these guys are thieves. Avoid.

Prescott Papers has a rush delivery option and I have used it so many times that I have lost count. Each time, they have managed to send back the completed paper in less than hours. Prescott Papers’ fast delivery rocks indeed!

The staff is definitely timely and timely!!! prescottpapers wrote a great paper with my latest order!

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